Thankfully, I only had to work a beautiful four hours today, which gave me time to nap, endlessly scroll on my phone, start watching a new TV series Jane The Virgin (killer show by the way, I’m hooked already), and plan and post my first blog entry about my trip to Europe in August this year! Since going to Fiji in December, all I could think about was getting back on a plane and travelling somewhere new. Europe was the perfect choice because currently my Β best friend is living over there. No better excuse to go overseas, right?

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My first blog post is brought to you wrapped in a blanket with a “small” glass of wine. Wine actually helps me concentrate… Whether this is because I’m becoming an alcoholic at the ripe old age of eighteen, or because it helps me think more freely, we’ll never know. *Queue gif of Amy Schumer drinking out of ginormous wine glass* (Thanks for the inspo Em).

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