I have legitimately never been more excited in my life than the day I woke up realizing I FINALLY get to go to Fiji for my Grad Trip.

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Bikinis? Check. Passport? Check. Fijian money? Check. I load everything into my dads truck at an excruciating 5am, but I don’t mind at all, because in just over three hours I’ll be at Sydney International Airport for the first time in my life, checking in with my best mates, all set to go on a trip of a life time.
After a massive final year at school and our HSC exams done and dusted, there could be no better treat than the crystal clear waters and endless stretch of white sand on Plantation Island, Fiji, for a whole week. (And lots of alcohol for a very stressed and fresh eighteen year old).

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I’d never been overseas before, but I can honestly say this trip was the best way to be introduced to the world of travel. Being guided through the airports and transit stations let me breathe a sigh of relief. Airports and transport can be a very stressful thing, but the UCrew of Unleashed Travel basically held our hands every step of the way. (Shout out to you guys).

Fast forward to when we finally get on the island. It’s 10pm and all I want to do is power walk to our room (I thoroughly dislike running), throw on the dress I stole from my sister’s room before I left, and party like there was no tomorrow.
Heading towards the beach-side dance floor I can see palm trees wrapped in colourful lights, the glowing d-floor and just about every one of the six hundred students on the island packed around the bar, dancing in front of the DJ stand or getting to know each other on the sand. That’s when I knew that this was going to be the best week of my life. All nine of my friends and I made it to 3am when the beach party finally closed down. Everyone’s buzzing as we walk back to our room for kick-ons and a long-winded chat about everything that has happened so far.


Yep, this is me as Napoleon Dynamite on Gender Bender Night

Next morning I wake up early and get to eat the most amazing buffet breakfast of my LIFE, (not sure whether I liked it so much because I had a major hangover or because it was genuinely really good) but I never made it to another breakfast after that… Oops.

In the week that followed I got to experience things I’d only dreamt of. Kayaking in sparkly blue waters with my gal pals, para-sailing with a rainbow parachute, drinking tropical cocktails whilst island hopping, raging pool parties, and snorkeling brightly colored reefs, just to name a few of the activities I got up to. I also participated in a lot of tanning by the beach, going for a dip in the ocean whenever I pleased, banter with either our next door neighbours or people we’d met during the beach parties which occurred every night, and many massages and hair braiding by the amazing locals. The nightly entertainment meant that we got to dress up to a theme every second night or so which kept the parties fresh.

iphone 2015- march 2016 1778


My favourite theme was Gender Bender for sure. I dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and it is the funniest thing I have done to date. Being a dancer helped me get into character a lot as well. I can honestly say I made a pretty convincing bloke, and for my efforts I even got featured in Unleashed’s 2016 after movie! I’ve also posted a tonne of photos and a couple of videos in my “PICS & VIDS,” page if you’d like to see some extra stuff!

iphone 2015- march 2016 1748.jpg

All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first time overseas. I highly recommend school leavers to go on schoolies with Unleashed Travel as it is not just about getting sloshed every night. I’ve even made a Pros and Cons list below so you can weigh up your options if you’re thinking about going overseas for schoolies.



iphone 2015- march 2016 1620.JPG

Afternoon delight Island Hopping with my gals!

Maybe I’m a bit biased but I think my bias is for a legitimate reason. Fiji was the best choice I could have possibly made for my Grad Trip, and anyone who went over there would 100% agree with me. I think It’s the right way to celebrate graduating after a long and stressful year of exams and endless assignments. Letting go and relaxing is extremely important for your health, and I know that Fiji definitely helped me with that aspect!

If you have any questions about my trip or are thinking about going over there yourself, leave a comment or flick me a message on Facebook or check out Unleashed Travel online.

Oh and one more thing… There was no biffo or any silly business at all really, well none of the silly business that included fists anyway 😉


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