We were all expecting the absolute worst for our ferry ride from Mykonos to Paros. Although it was just a 50 minute trip, it was delayed about 2 hours due to the choppy and windy conditions. By the time we arrived at Paros, it was  about 3pm, meaning we’d lost most of our day waiting for the ferry.

However, once we arrived we were treated to stunning views from our balconies at the new hotel. At around 7:30pm we headed to a local burger place by the water to fill our bellies and watch the sunset before the big night. It was a public holiday, which meant hundreds upon hundreds of people lining the streets, plus a great display of fireworks.

View from the hotel room

View from the hotel room pt.2

Gorgeous sunset in Paros with Chlo

The crew!

Next we headed to a cafe bar called Saloon D’or (I think). It was soooo much fun. We got to try shisha smoke and drank some tasty cocktails and colourful shots. There was a shot trail I wanted to do where you would drink 10 shots and receive a free t-shirt, but I think I would’ve died after the big nights I’d had before. There’s always next time!

Alex and I tried the most delicious cocktail called “Zombie”

Larrisa, myself and Alex!



Sarah, Chloe and I!

We then headed to a touristy bar called the Australian Bar (I think), which had a tequila bar with karaoke, a salsa bar, an Rnbdance floor/bar and later we found out there was an underground dance floor which we didn’t get to see. Devastated I didn’t get to that one. We did a bit of karaoke (backstreet boys to be exact) and danced in the cages at the Rnb bar until early morning.

Tanya, Fiona, Larissa, Ash and I at karaoke


The following day I got up relatively early and went by the pool for a swim and a bit of a tan with a couple of the girls. We then headed into the town, which was only a short walk from the hotel, to do a bit of shopping and to grab some lunch. I had yet another delicious gyro and a mango sorbet, and ended up buying an awesome pantsuit for myslef. We then did a bit of exploring and got lost in the back alleys of Paros where there were many perfect photo opportunities and local cats roaming around. The dogs and cats in Greece are taken care by the locals and government and have no real home. The veterinarians bathe and give them vaccines once a month to keep them healthy, but it is so weird seeing so many stray animals walking the streets.

Chloe and I!

Gyros at a local cafe

Little cushions on the street

By the time we made it back to the accomodation it was late afternoon, which meant it was time to get ready for our BBQ dinner night. I got to debut my awesome pantsuit and have a good chat to some of the girls over the sunset and more traditional Greek food. We then went for a stroll into town where Ash bought a pantsuit to match mine, we’re practically sisters, it’s so scary! That night was an early one as we had to travel to Santorini the next day.

Rachel, Ash and I broke out the selfie stick

Another gorgeous Paros sunset

I’m looking forward to seeing the white houses and cliff faces of Santorini at our next destination.

V 🍻

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2 thoughts on “V’S GREEK VENTURE: PAROS

  1. lostinprettyeurope says:

    Lovely photos!
    Gyros is so delicious – I remember it from Athens. Greek islands are always such a good idea 🙂 Do the beaches and water in Greece impress Australians such as yourself, considering how many great beaches Australia has? I am curious 🙂 For me it’s always a delight but then I come from a landlocked country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have A Beer With V says:

      I ate gyros pretty much every day!
      The water in the Greek islands is so gorgeous and blue, so very clear compared to Australia! There’s absolutely no swell in Greece compared to the massive waves of Australia. The colour of the water is what was impressive to me! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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