QUESTION OF THE CENTURY: Does Beyoncé matter?

MY IMMEDIATE ANSWER: Of course she does. She’s Beyoncé after all.

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CRAFT & ~ A E S T H E T I C ~

Part two of ‘the medium is the message…’ Although I still have only a vague sense of what it really means, craft and digital making definitely spoke to me this week, whispering in my ear “make a meme video of Ted… because you can.” So that’s what I did.

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In all honesty, I’ve always been one of those people who needs a structured rubric to go off for assessments in order to feel like I’m making progress and completing the tasks at hand. So when I was handed the unstructured mess known as a “digital artefact” (aka. disaster awaiting) for my final BCM112 assessment, you could say I had a minor meltdown…

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