That’s right friends, my university journey has FINALLY begun… and it is one part meme fest, three parts blogging.

You know you’ve picked the right degree when the first thing the lecturer says is “make sure you set up a blog and twitter account ASAP.” Done and done. My parents may feel a bit hedgy about paying thousands of dollars a year for me to study and create memes, but I feel as though I have found my calling. #memequeen

If this is your first time visiting my blog and you are yet to check out my “ABOUT V” section, here is a little extra something for you to get to know who “V” is!

My name is Verity Morley, better known as V. I was born in a country town called Mudgee, but have just recently moved to Wollongong to start studying journalism and communications and media at the University of Wollongong (UOW). Media, social media platforms, blogging and creating interesting content is what I’m passionate about, and I couldn’t imagine myself partaking in any other degree.

I have two dogs, about fifteen cats* (yep you heard right, fifteen), am obsessed with the Harry Potter serious and STILL have braces at the ripe age of nineteen. I love me a good bit of travelling, video editing, crunchy peanut butter on cruskits, and a classic red bull fuelled blogging session at midnight when I’m feeling like someone should see what I’m thinking about. I also partake in gently bullying my friends, swear a lot more than what a lady should can be found procrastinating from working out in my spare time.

My experience with blogging is quite extensive, but the twitter sphere is still relatively new to me. It’s a good thing I’ve started to save memes and gifs to my camera roll to help me through live tweeting during my lectures.

So there you have it! V in a nutshell. If you wanna see what I’ve been up to in my gap year, make sure you check out my “TRAVEL” tab on my blog!


V in a nutshell :-))))))


V 🍻

* My Dad lives on a farm and we legitimately have about fifteen cats living there that he can’t help but feed, even when they leave bird carcasses on his doorstep. Good thing I like cats, Dad.

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