In all honesty, I’ve always been one of those people who needs a structured rubric to go off for assessments in order to feel like I’m making progress and completing the tasks at hand. So when I was handed the unstructured mess known as a “digital artefact” (aka. disaster awaiting) for my final BCM112 assessment, you could say I had a minor meltdown…

When I say minor, I mean to the extent of thinking about going and sliding under my doona covers until it picked itself up out of my hands and went back to where it came from. HOWEVER, I never shy away from a challenge, and refuse to fail at anything I do (blame the competitive side of the alter ego in me), so I guess the freedom of this DA could be a good thing.


Visual rep. of me being brutally attacked by my DA

Since I already have a relatively established blog, I thought it would be best to stick to my guns and utilise the platform which I have experience using, and a passion for. So blogging is a no-brainer for me. If I combine this with the small amount of knowledge I have of video editing, I could be on track to a pretty satisfactory DA. These are more than likely going to be my media mediums but I have been told many times to never overlook the principal of FEFO.

So without further ado, here are my ideas for my DA:


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.02.22 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.16.05 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.23.46 PM.png

I guess you can say I do have a few ideas brewing under the surface, but for now I think the most probable DA for me would be travel based, as it is what I’m familiar with and passionate about. This will be a good opportunity for me to establish a good travel portfolio with work to support my drive to continue with travel blogging!


V 🍻

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12 thoughts on “DA= DISASTER AWAITING

  1. Ijumaa_is says:

    I like your idea about a, “Travel Blog” as a person who has travelled to a fair amount of places I must say that it is indeed a very interesting area to get involved with. It would be a good idea to interveiw a broad range of people, with one question, “What is travel to you?” I think that this would offer an insight into travel itself. Perhapse get a short back story on the individual, where they are from etc. That would add some depth your project. Or indeed ask them about the places in wollongong you will be filming.

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    • Have A Beer With V says:

      Yea I think that’s a good idea. I know of someone who may actually be doing something really similar to that idea, but I’ll see if I can expand on that as much as possible and make it my own! Thanks for the input though I appreciate it 🙂

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  2. josiehowl says:

    Your blog layout is so cool! I also really like the travel idea. I personally love watching travel vlogs and reading articles about travelling so I would definitely be interested. I also think the ‘travel-tips’ would be great! I haven’t travelled much at all, so travelling for me can be super stressful as well as trying to figure out where to go and what to do, and I know that heaps of other people would feel the same and appreciate your advice.

    Your idea about movement videos is super interesting to me as well. I can imagine it would be super aesthetically pleasing.
    If you do decide to do the Country Kids in the City idea, I would be more than happy to help. I moved from a small country town to the area about 3 years ago and it was definitely a big culture shock.

    Good post and I am excited to see what you decide on!

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    • Have A Beer With V says:

      Thankyou so much! I’ve already started to do just little bits and pieces for the travel idea, just to test where I am with it and where I want to go. I think little ‘travel tips’ vids will work well too, I’m trying to incorporate a number of ideas to make it flow better, FEFO is in full swing! But thankyou for the comment I appreciate the feedback!


  3. danielradddd says:

    Really like the Travel Blog concept! Creating such a blog will be a great way to do something you love while proving education and entertainment to others. I think one of your challenges however, will be trying to produce this content in such a way that it provides utility to your audience. Educating people through providing tips and tricks could be a way of doing this. You could also use your travel blog as a way to facilitate conversation by asking your audience questions. Asking questions will provide you with valuable insights into the way your audience thinks. This will help you generate ideas as to what sort of content they may find most valuable, ultimately providing you with a road map for blog posts.


    • Have A Beer With V says:

      That is actually such a good idea! I feel like way less people use wordpress, so I’ve set up a complimentary instagram account so that people can interact freely on that and I can ask them questions once my audience has grown a bit!
      Thanks for the feedback :)-V


  4. ashleightblake says:

    I love your blog theme and layout looks great, very visually appealing, well done! I think you have chosen well in using your blog as a platform as it is already well established. I would have to agree in saying the travel blog is an interesting idea and you will do with it as it’s something you seem to be very interested and invested in, and I myself would find it a very helpful tool for when I travel and need tips. However, I do think this is a concept that is already well established and you will need a way to stand out from the rest. Perhaps some ideas could be the do’s and don’ts of travelling with any tips and tricks you have, this could be where you incorporate humour too, and other short videos or posts related to travel like ‘What’s in my travel bag?’. I like the short videos you plan to incorporate of where you went I think that will be highly engaging for your audience rather than just reading!


    • Have A Beer With V says:

      Yea I completely agree with the fact that I do need to stand out from the rest. I know it can be seen as an overdone concept, but I am aiming to incorporate some humour whilst also providing somewhat professional tips and trick when it comes to travel.
      I’ve already done one video and post for my short travel series and have established an instagram page too if you want to check it out! @beerwithv Thanks for the comment :)- V


  5. zoestraussblog says:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog because it’s awesome! I seriously love it. The idea of travel vlogging is cool. I’m an exchange student so I have dabbled in that myself. Were you thinking of doing like music over video? Or talking over video? Or a combination? I did a combo of talking and music and it was kinda cool but I feel like just music is better. But i’m not sure. I am excited to see what you come up with 🙂

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    • Have A Beer With V says:

      Thankyou so much, what a compliment!
      I’m planning on doing music over video only, partially due to the fact that I hate the sound of my own voice, and also because I know when I watch travel YouTube videos, talking over it seems a bit awkward unless you’re doing a specific ‘review’ related video.
      For my ‘tips and tricks’ videos I’m planning on just doing music over it with text to compliment, this way people can pause the video and take notes if that’s what they want to do.
      So far I’ve already done one YouTube video and accompanying blog post with just music over it and I’m pretty happy with the result!
      Thanks again for the comment- V


  6. pragya13 says:

    The blog post is really funny and inspiring too. This blog post use a good way of flow.Your idea for the digital Artifect is great and I hope you suceed in that well. I am pretty sure your digital Artifect goes really well.

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  7. christineevansblog says:

    I think you have a pretty good idea of what you doing unlike some students who are completely lost and leave their faith in God (Talking about ME haha)
    Yes, you do blog well I love coming back to your blog page and reading your blogs every week.
    I love the Idea of Country kids in the city, can’t wait to see what you do with that topic is sounds very interesting.

    All the best for your DA.

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