Viewing the internet as a “mutant child” is mildly amusing for those of us who spend every waking moment using said mutant child for entertainment, work and staying connected. (By staying connected I mean tagging friends in relatable memes on Facebook about being an embarrassment to myself).

ARPA’s (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) aim of introducing these high-speed transmission lines to the world was designed to assure control over a ravaged society after a nuclear holocaust. This was not the outcome.

Fortunately, the spawn of ARPA’s network is what we now know as the internet.

If the internet was referred to as a “mutant child” in the 90’s, what would it be called now after evolving even more rapidly than it was during the time of Nokia’s brick cell phone?


Is there a possibility that our machines, which so happen to go hand-in-hand with the internet, will grow some sort of consciousness, just as Alan Turing suggested? If these transmission lines can still operate whilst in tatters, there may be a technology in the near future which has the ability to act as a conscious being.


V 🍻

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  1. sunnycommandeur says:

    Hey V!
    I would argue that the internet is not going to ‘grow’ a conscience in an AI sort of way (although AI is definitely on the way and scary for example).
    Instead, I would say that the internet is already a collective consciousnesses, formed by all of its users. Like worker ants, or zerg, we all form a hivemind. Sure, everyone is their own little node – but with all these nodes connected, I think the human race can be seen as one.

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  2. olivia4810 says:

    To me, this post establishes the question of whether we shaped the internet OR the internet shaped us. I honestly think it’s both. BUT to acknowledge that, as you suggested, our devices will one day “grow a consciousness”, I’m thinking that the internet is kind of shaping itself. I’m also thinking that one day I will be able to have a conversation with my fridge 🙂

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  3. amilaedisonus says:

    Hey V,
    I am with Olivia, it is scary to think one day that, we may very well be having conversations with our Fridges. But I suppose that would possibly make the whole meal prep situation much easier. I agree we do both, we shape the internet and are shaped by it. The idea that our devices will someday have a mind of their own, Terminator style is a little terrifying.

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