Designer foods, cyborgs, virtual sex, virtual reality, hackers, network wars, urban decay, artificial intelligence and ghosts in machines were all part of the speculation surrounding the rise of the internet in the 80s.

Cue the creation of the sub genre cyberpunk, which is the embodiment of these highly contemplated and discussed concepts listed above. From Blade Runner’s replicants and origami unicorns, to Neuromancer’sΒ “consensual hallucination” created by millions of connected computers, there was no shortage of ideas for the future of networked technology.


Jump to our current society and its highly developed interweaving network of nodes, and we see that social media is now this major platform for communication. It allows us to interact with each other at high speeds in a distributed style. We have the introduction of personal computers to thank for this. They allow us to be a connected network, which now appears to be the “organising form of life, including social life.”

Just as Manuel Castells stated in his paper about Why Networks Matter:Β “We live in a network society, not in an information society or a knowledge society,” making our current networks the Matrix of our time.


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  1. Ijumaa_is says:

    A truly informative blog about information distribution and how it is the organizing form of life and how we have had a paradigmatic shit from a hierarchical, centralized communication network to a distributed one. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amanda Tait UOW says:

    Hi Verity, this blog is so well written, you kept within the word limit and still gave an informative post. I find it so interesting how our society has become both connected and disengaged thank to technology and the media constructs we have built for ourselves. We rely on social media to stay connected, it’s almost ironic if you think about it- you can be ‘social’ without leaving your home.
    Your meme was A+, really made the post well rounded.
    Well done, keep blogging πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. isobelpage says:

    Hi Verity, this was a really interesting blog that had really eye catching visuals that drew me into your content. You kept the concept simple and interesting which made it an easy read, that made be think further about cyberpunk, and challenge the perspective that I already held on the topic. Also good meme, I had a laugh πŸ™‚

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