millEniALs eNtiTLeMeNt tO a liQUiD LiFe

Liquid life: a shifting, developing and advancing concept of current society… Is it fair to play the blame game for this generations consumption of/creation of distributed networks?

Well if one thing’s for sure, millennials cannot be held  soley responsible for the current nature of our economy. This economy was of course shaped by baby boomers who believe younger generations are “entitled.”


This newfound fear of the ever-changing, ever-uncertain liquid life in our modern society has put the expanding power of networks in the forefront of the minds of those who strongly believe in a hierarchical, democratic and structured society. The idea that we now live in an economy created by shrinking computers and expanding communications is quite a conundrum for those who didn’t grow up in the age of technology and the rise of the distributed network.


However, with issues such as function creep arising in the workplace as a result of the integration of technology into certain jobs, it is hard to ignore just how powerful our networks have become, and the problems they (may) pose in the near (probably) future.


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4 thoughts on “millEniALs eNtiTLeMeNt tO a liQUiD LiFe

  1. susiealdermann says:

    Without a doubt, integration of technology within almost any field of work has lead to less separation between work and free time. I like the link that you put to “function creep” – its great term that I think sums up perfectly this lack of distinction between the two spaces of “work” and “play”. It’s really interesting to compare the experience of our generation to that of the generation above us. It got me thinking about my own parents – Dad is always really strict about separating work from home time, and will rarely have his phone out during “family times” such as dinner. I often feel like this upbringing is contradicting greatly with the current society that I live in. I find myself trying to separate the time between work and rest, out of habit, but it is becoming increasingly harder to do. Both of them, actually, are quite disconnected compared to my sister and I, but perhaps that’s also due to to the fact that the wifi is shocking where we live in the country!

    With function creep also comes great concerns about privacy. I found a great blog article here which gives some examples that are very thought provoking, have a read if you get the chance:

    I really enjoyed your mediations, I would also love to know what you personally think about liquid labour, and whether you have seen examples of it in your own life?

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    • Have A Beer With V says:

      I think you’re definitely right about the fact that it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to seperate work and home life with the introduction of technology. Companies are wanting their employees to work overtime in their homes for free due to the increasing work load which is being introduced to them with things such as Facebook and twitter becoming a major source of communication between customers and employees.

      I think liquid labour is really interesting, because I have grown with the technology that is currently surrounding us. When I was little there was no such thing as iPhones and Mac laptops etc… But now that they are a big part of my life, it it easy to see that i have grown and changed as the technology around me has developed and advanced!

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  2. bloggposts says:

    AWESOME POST, the only thing I would want to know is why it is aimed particularly at millenials and how the liquid labour started… like what got the ball rolling. Obviously the way to send information has been around for yonks but it would be interesting how we’ve adopted it and led it to where it is now. learning how cool we are is easy here:

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  3. Zoe Majstorovic says:

    First off, the layout and structure of your blog is absolutely amazing. Its so well thought out along with a great use of memes and hyperlinks. I always love seeing a blog with hyperlinks as it shows that you have done all this work.
    All the points you have made in your blog are great. You are very right about how it is so hard to seperate the home life to the work life. There is almost no more barrier anymore. Well done on a good blog!

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