Is the system of intellectual property- patents and copyrights- a necessary evil we must endure to enjoy the fruits of invention and creativity?

Or is permission culture dampening the potential creativity and room for improvements/alterations that a free culture provides? This free culture is ultimately a form of expression and genius that builds upon the culture around us and makes it something different. Freedom is good, and the distributed medium of the internet and the information it provides is generally considered a “free” platform.

Take memes as an example of this distributed information.

Imagine if every meme found on the internet had copyright attached to it. How would these memes mutate and evolve freely to reach their full potential with every second person who shared it/altered it is pulled up for not crediting the original? Let’s try and avoid bringing legal logistics into our beloved form of obscure entertainment.


So I guess the moral of this story is: Don’t take memes for granted because permission culture could swoop in and steal our precious ~chicken permission~ meme away from us.


V 🍻

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  1. Lizellbee says:

    Hey V, your title of your post for this week really drew my attention, mostly because I was a bit confused with what chicken had to do with this weeks lecture topic. However, as I read through your blog you make some excellent points about permission culture. I think you are correct in saying that permission culture dampens our potential creativity. If people are too scared to share, remix or interpret different sources for fear of the legal repercussions they may encounter, then definitely the perceived “free” culture of the internet is impacted. It’s interesting that you mention meme culture and how it would be ridiculous if people tried to take legal action for memes as this has actually been attempted and in some cases successful ( . Cherish your memes while you have them as soon I fear they will be classed as copyright infringement too.


  2. olivia4810 says:

    Lets get one thing straight. There is nothing i respect more than a gal that enjoys a chicken anything so I was all ears! I’ve got to say that the layout of the page drew me in and your quirky reference to chicken is quite similar to the random shit i drag into my blogs. I think that permission culture it stops copyrighted content which if you have worked hard on something and someone else takes it can be good. BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE MEME. I totally agree that memes need to evolve and be worked on by more than one creative mind to reach their full potential so I’m torn. How come I’ve reached this fork in the road and yet it cuts like a knife ….. loljks i stole that from Flight of the Conchords. classic.

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  3. isobelpage says:

    First up, good meme- everyone loves a good chicken mention. Anyway, your content was really engaging and your discussion on ‘permission culture’ made me think further about both the positives and negatives of such a culture. It looked at the way it protected intellectual property, intelligence and creativity, but additionally made me think further about the legal consequences as a result. You also made valid points in the direction of possible limitations this type of culture creates and the consequences these can have on the larger audience, overall good piece!

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