Android versus Apple: a comparison.

Android’s motto (along with all other open sources alike): Release early and often, delegate everything you can, be open to the point of promiscuity. Never mind if it’s still in beta, we just need to get it out into the world to obtain feedback in order to improve our service and develop a user-based system, made by our users!

Apple: Let’s make our systems closed and make our interface not customizable to ensure we maintain complete control and profit of our products. Also, let’s block all 3rd party app stores and make sure the only apps available are ones we have approved, with 30% of its sales coming back to us.

Unfortunately, Apple’s closed system can be considered bad for the ecosystem, with the iPhone’s hybrid model for centrally controlled outside software already moving beyond the smartphone.

In this battle, however, open sources will always trump closed sources in market share and growth. This comes courtesy of the fragmentation of the android society, which is ultimately a contribution to the long tail effect.


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  1. alexfordyce says:

    After being in Ted’s lectures for almost two sessions now, I agree that Android is better. And I’m an Apple user! (That’s going to be the new ‘I’m a vegan’). BUT. Apples hardware and software work together perfectly, whereas Android phones don’t simply because of the scale and variety of phones the OS has to cater for. The biggest example being the security of features such as fingerprint and iris scanners. This article is an interview with a former Google executive, who describes this issue in relation to photos taken by Android devices.

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  2. Amanda Tait UOW says:

    Hi Verity,
    I currently have an Apple iPhone (white girl alert) and I love it! I have had no dramas with it being a closed system, idk maybe I don’t use my phone enough to register how it changes things tbh. But I find the debate or Apple and Samsung so interesting as my best friend is a Samsung die-hard (honestly, mention Apple and she freaks out- although agrees Apples emojis are better)
    I like how Apple is a closed system for the security and quality aspects, the App Store I know everything is safe and verified, whereas with the Play Store- it can be crap quality made by anyone. It is probably narrow-minded of me, but let me ask this- if being a closed system is soo bad why does Apple continue to run its business like that (and stay successful?)? In fact it has been noted that they are becoming more closed with each device (check out:, so are closed systems as bad as we make them out to be? or are we just whinging?

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  3. Zoe Majstorovic says:

    I personally have always been an apple girl, and it think it will be always be that way. There are pros and cons to both, and i can see why people think android is better. There are more realistic function and features on an android, but i can’t ever bring myself to buy an android. I do know that it is always an argument starter though. Your blog post is straight to the point yet full of information.

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  4. daniellequinlan says:

    I have always had Apple products, and I probably will never switch to Android. I have found that the two cater to their audiences very well. For someone like me, who only needs the basics from my smart phone, Apple is a perfect fit. People who want to get the most out of their phones, however, love Android. I do agree that Android is probably the better of the two, yet I will be sticking to Apple products because it is reliable for me and provides me with everything that I could ever need in a smart phone.

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