And for my next trick, I will effortlessly whine about the time Facebook revoked the 60-day name change rule to allow me to change my name from “Large N In Charge”, back to “Verity Morley”.

Verity Morley just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like Large N In Charge does.


But also, I now know that Facebook is more than likely tracking all of my movements on their site. Since I wasn’t reported by any of my Facebook friends for the sudden name change, I can safely conclude that Facebook just *knows* that my name is not Large N In Charge due to their nasty habit of tracking their user’s activities on external websites.

Thus, the inbox I received from Facebook security (which has since vanished) informing me I had to change my name back to the one I use in everyday life.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 4.30.42 PM.png

I can’t even hold my “stealthy name” change for 60 days (AND brag about it), let alone be part of a hacker group who managed to break through Sony’s PlayStation Network, stealing the private data of 24.6 million customers, and still remain anonymous for the time being.


V 🍻

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4 thoughts on “WHY I WOULD BE A SHI**Y HACKER

  1. taylabosley says:

    I just gotta say first that I loved the soundcloud post, very funny work.
    I see your point about how the things that we take for granted everyday online are actually tracking our data, and using it to ‘understand’ us. Do you think that it’s a bit worrying that Facebook can tell what your real name is, but if you told someone on the street (if it wasn’t large and in charge) they wouldn’t be able to tell?
    I just find it so interesting, and alarming that we unconsciously have these sites that know more about us than are closest friends and family do. https://www.wired.com/2015/01/facebook-personality-test/ This article follows that phenomenon.

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  2. katevictoriablog says:

    okay okay I promise I’m not gonna follow the BCM comment starter pack but like how INSANE that Facebook makes you do that! What about all those couples accounts? Darren N Cindy <3? Or like accounts for people's dogs? In terms of Facebook creepin' on all your life, apparently Facebook knows when you're gonna hook up with someone, legit. *Allegedly* they see all that awkward millennial liking of each others' dps, then tagging each other in stuff, then going to the same events, then actually messaging, then messaging at suggestive hours and then – nothing. Your crescendoing contact just cuts off like a cliff. Because you GOT TOGETHER IN PERSON. And are doing THAT THING where you HANG OUT IN PERSON. So Facebook knows you've hooked up and adds it to it's data base of predictable behaviours. CRIKEY. No link sorry, you'll have to Bing Search Engine this one yourself 😉 love ya guts

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  3. bennyjparkinson says:

    I love your take on the topic, it’s engaging, interesting and visually appealing, however, I’m not sure if it was just me but I found it kinda hard to find the layouts flow. I suggest structuring the actual blog more clearly (sorry if it is just me )

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  4. isobelpage says:

    I really liked this post, as it was relevant to the lecture, it was engaging and funny, along with the fact that you related it to everyday life. I really liked your soundcloud as it was funny and also, lets be real we all have many friends with different names on facebook, such as my friend who on a night out decided to change it to his name x3. I also do like the Large N in Charge name, shame they didn’t let you keep it:(. Good work!

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