I approached this task with the aim of capturing the slow-moving essence of “where I’m from,” which has more recently become distorted and lost in the looming embrace of social media.

The constant bombardment of notifications and materialism has caused me to lose who I am and where I come from, and this audio track is a tribute to the incessant buzz that social media possesses.

With the crescendo of the track comes the almost unattainable sound of nature and finally, silence.


Hans Zimmer- The Shepard Tone.

This inspired me to create the constant overlapping sound depicted via the phone tone towards the end of the audio clip. It is the embodiment of the chaos social media can create when trying to reflect on who I am and where I come from.

Irving Solomon Teibel- Environments.

This inspired me to add natural elemetns to the beginning of my auio piece to convey the reflective and slow-moving tone embodied by where I’m from.



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