This research task is proving to be quite a long and tedious task. Although I  have created a specific risk management and time management plan, it is proving difficult to stick to. This is due to the distraction of social outgoings and other small tasks which I have unintentionally prioritised over the completion of this research project.

Here is a list of aspects which are proving to be quite challenging:

  1. Motivation to begin the project due to the large time frame I have to complete it.
  2. Writing a sufficient wavier form that covers all aspects of my risk management plan.
  3. Keeping up with the constantly changing nature of my project due to the question I have selected. Risk management is frequently evolving to ensure I am taking into consideration the ethical ramifications it could bring.
  4. Creating a sufficient survey with interesting and non-leading questions to share with fellow classmates.

Although these challenges are quite confronting, I believe that I have the ability to stay interested and focused on the tasks at hand now that I have put them in a public forum.


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