Throughout this research process, I have gained insight into the various methods of research practice, the ethical standards set by this process, and varying opinions and ideas regarding my chosen topic.

Understanding research practice has allowed me to develop my own understanding of the techniques and methods used to participate in ethical research, as well as pushed me to create a project that adheres to the ethical standards discussed in our lecture materials.

It has been a very informative and practical subject and I now feel comfortable in both participating in, and conducting my own research. I will be able to utilise these practices in the future to help analyse and synthesise primary and secondary research I have undertaken in both personal and work scenarios.

I’ve learned that reflexive research practice is of high importance, as being immersed in the topic you are researching will allow for higher quality of research. However, separation from the topic must also be sought out, with professionalism and ethical considerations being of high importance.

This assessment has allowed me to continuously develop and change my questions and research practice overall to fit the ever-changing nature of reflexive exploration into a specific topic.

For example, due to ethical reasons, I had to change my original topic question from “Is the University of Wollongong cracking down on drinking culture in an attempt to make Kooloobong Village a dry campus in the near future? And has this crackdown come as a result of the recent media storm covering hazing rituals, sexual assault and alcohol abuse at university accommodation?” to “Are residents and returning residents satisfied with the standard of living on their respective university accommodation?” This was a necessary change and helped me to broaden the spectrum of respondents from students returning to Kooloobong Village, to those who have and have not, lived on university accommodation.

If I were to complete this assessment again, I would choose an even broader topic still which didn’t limit me in terms of a respondent’s knowledge about UOW accommodation. If I were to stay with this topic, I would aim to conduct one-on-one interviews also with those who run university accommodation in terms of the changing enforcement of rules and policies to be able to understand their standpoint on the topic. Although there may be ethical ramifications associated with an interview like this, I feel as though it is necessary to gain a whole perspective on the situation.

In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and creating this project, and am very satisfied with the outcome, including my opinion piece video linked below.




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