I feel like it’s a given that at some point during your euro-trip, you’ll find yourself somewhere in England. After all, the United Kingdom was part of the European Union up until it’s controversial referendum in June this year,Β which ultimately lead to the UK voting to leave the Union, thus Brexit was born. Big mistake in my not very important opinion. However, due to its close proximity to its neighbouring European countries, you’re bound to end up there sooner or later.

I found myself in the city of double decker buses, red telephone boxes, tea and of course, Harry Potter, midway through my euro-trip. After finishing my Greek Island Hopper trip with Topdeck, I flew over to visit my bezzie, who was living in Kent as a gappie (gap year) teacher. I spent a week in both London and Oxford with her, being a typical tourist. This is how it went down.

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