Ah Santorini. My expectations were set quite high. Although it was gorgeous in the town itself, the rest was basically deserted farmland with a donkey scattered here and there. BUT, I did adore every minute!

Following our calm 3 hour ferry ride we’d made it to the port where we were faced with a ginormous cliff rising up in front of us. We caught our transfer to our family owned hotel, which was a good 15 minute walk from the centre of Fira town. The location of our acommodation was definitely the worst of the whole trip and was not as glamorous as the others. (E.g. I tried to plug in my charger and the whole socket plus the cords came out of the wall). It did have a nice freezing cold pool to cool down in and tan by though.

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We were all expecting the absolute worst for our ferry ride from Mykonos to Paros. Although it was just a 50 minute trip, it was delayed about 2 hours due to the choppy and windy conditions. By the time we arrived at Paros, it was  about 3pm, meaning we’d lost most of our day waiting for the ferry.

However, once we arrived we were treated to stunning views from our balconies at the new hotel. At around 7:30pm we headed to a local burger place by the water to fill our bellies and watch the sunset before the big night. It was a public holiday, which meant hundreds upon hundreds of people lining the streets, plus a great display of fireworks.

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After spending a couple of restless and very sick nights at my first hotel, I finally emerged from my room feeling loads better. My chesty cough and runny nose are sticking with me but it’s much better than a fever!

After checking out I called an Uber to the hotel which my tour would be starting from. I LOVE UBER. So convenient, so cheap and so much safer than taxis. Took a few blurry photos of what I thought was the Acropolis on my ride over and proceeded to check in to my next hotel. Settled in nicely and set up all my things. Still not sure what I want to do with my dirty clothes…

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With just 42 days to go before I head to Europe for my holiday/gap year break, I thought it would be a good idea to share where I’m travelling, what I’m looking forward to, and what I’m dreading. Since It’s my first time overseas by myself, I feel as though I have the right to be terrified. Being a little scared and intimidated will make me travel more safe and ensure that I check and double-check everything, as every good traveller should. So, I’m going to post a timeline of where I’m going to keep the fam and friends updated.

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