Before this year, I would say I had quite an ideal relationship with media and its varying forms. From where I was standing, I could confidently say it wasn’t defining who I was and who I was looking out for. Before the beginning of this year I would say I had a strong media presence, but my world didn’t revolve around it.

Since then, this has slowly begun to change. There is now some weird culture around “active” statuses on social media. If this concept makes no sense to you, check out the photo below.


Screenshot taken from my Instagram

Recently I’ve found myself constantly checking apps such as Instagram, Facebook and the infamous Snapchat “snap maps” to see if certain people are active or how long since they were last active. This goes for anyone I  am in close contact with on a regular basis (sorry everyone but I’ve slowly become a serial stalker).

However, I’m working on turning this around. It’s been a challenge, but a welcome one.

This “active” status culture has seen me become the victim of the classic avoidance technique on social media (seen and no reply, or not seen but still active on varying media platforms).  But alas, I have also used the classic avoidance technique. Whether it be to spite someone or to send a message that I, also, would rather be talking to someone else, I still do it.

I even have a friend who purposefully avoids being active on all social media so that her colleagues won’t try to call her into work, or ask her questions about work, or ask her to do extra work things on her day off.

It’s tactical, but if like me, you struggle with physically restraining yourself from replying to particular people, it is ridiculously exhausting.

I say bring back MSN where you could change your online status to “offline” or “busy” with the perilous click of a mouse. Oh how much easier and less careful I would have to be when stalking.


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This research task is proving to be quite a long and tedious task. Although I  have created a specific risk management and time management plan, it is proving difficult to stick to. This is due to the distraction of social outgoings and other small tasks which I have unintentionally prioritised over the completion of this research project.

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Looking back at my tweets during Week 1 highlight how much I have grown since beginning this live tweeting experience. Although I do cover a range of media examples such as blog links, gifs and reactive tweets, I lack a sense of knowledge about the link between human nature and technology that sci-fi continuously portrays.

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The drastic change in campus life at the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Kooloobong Village from last year to this year has prompted me to begin this BCM212 research proposal journey with one question: Is UOW cracking down on drinking culture in an attempt to make Kooloobong a dry campus in the near future? And has this crackdown come as a result of the recent media storm covering hazing rituals, sexual assault and alcohol abuse at university accommodations?

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